Welcome to ModaCore


We might not be the biggest lifestyle and apparelonline shopping site of Taiwan.

However, we aim to become most unique and stylishfashion shopping site of Taiwan.


The Spirit of ModaCore

The term Moda is originated from Italian,which means fashion. The term Core stands for confluence and aggregation. Thespirit of ModaCore is to become a gathering place of no border outfits andgoods. No matter you are a fashion icon or a geek, we are looking to provideyou with the choice of all kinds of lifestyle design and pet supplies that wecollected from all over the world, with just a simple click of mouse. At thesame time, we also want to become a communication center for modern men andwomen who live out their own personalities and styles. No matter what kind of personyou want to be, we hope our products and services can help you become a "Modaker"with your own styles and ideas.


Moda Life: An Evolving Attitude

ModaCore is a brand, an idea, a spirit. InModaCore you can find different styles of outfits and items to embellish yourlife. The purpose of this idea is to let you figure out your own style.ModaCore advocates that people should vary their styles and dress for differentoccasions and moods. Even in the office, from Monday to Friday, you should havesome change on your dressing. We believe that in this way, you can build upyour own taste and confidence and find out your own attitude towards life.


Product Service of ModaCore: Mass Amountof Unique Goods with Small Amount Import Strategy

We hope you could understand that due toour small amount import strategy, most of the products on ModaCore website arevery limited, some even only has a few in stock. Except the classic items, mostof the items will not be restocked. On the good side, you won’t face the embarrassmentof wearing the same dress with others. On the other side, the products you seetoday might sold out in any minute. Therefore, we recommend that you thinkfaster when browsing the products and placing order as soon as possible onceyou like it. If you still want to ask about the possibility of restocking, pleasedo not hesitate to contact us.


Formation of your own life attitudetoward life in ModaCore

In addition to selling goods, we will postnew product information on our Facebook and website. We will provide briefintroduction and background of different fashion brands, so you get to know thehottest fashion trend. ModaCore will hold exchange events or related lectures inirregular basis. You can have better understanding on the principle of dressingand learn how to choose the accessories that suit you. Throughthese events, ModaCore hopes that you can truly live in the cozy fashion, andthe products that come with you are in your own style and attitude.